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Bounce Ballers: Tyron Hapi

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Tyron Hapi - Youngest Australian to reach the top 5 (#5) Beatport Electro House charts.
This month's Bounce Baller is Tyron Hapi, Australia's most promising young gun. Starting production at the tender age of 14, he's writing top 10 hits while just barely old enough to buy a pack of cigarettes in the states. Let's start off with a bang! Check out "Gorilla" - out now on Spinnin Records:


Last time we learned that the scene was in trouble, paralyzed and broken by heartless greed. If anyone can shine a ray of hope into this otherwise dark situation it's Tyron Hapi. "A lot of other producers including myself have started to create their own variants of ‘bounce' to individually define their own styles and sounds." Really, it's this kind of innovation that keeps people interested. When bounce started oh so long ago, people got hooked on the signature sound. Not because it was "new," it's based on the same principle in production as old school trance and happy hardcore (we're just talking about the bass note placement and beat/energy development here). "It’s like anything really, people get inspiration from different places and put it all together to make something for themselves." Worried? Don't be. "Melbourne bounce will always be around as long as Will Sparks is leading the charge, he’s the king, he pioneered it and will continue to dominate."

Tyron Hapityron-hapi-press1

Known for his "progressive" style of Melbourne Bounce, Tyron has worked with the biggest names in the scene including Timmy Trumpet, Joel Fletcher, and of course the main man - Will Sparks. Tyron's really seemed to have found his muse with Bianca, Sydney's sugar-voiced angel. With an almost Krewella-esque sharpness, her voice cuts through a mix and perfectly lends itself to dance music. She even performs live vocals alongside Tyron Hapi throughout Australia like the 26th of this month at Pacha Sydney. Talk about taking inspiration and crafting it into something new. Starting like you'd expect any bounce track to start, "Fireflies" quickly shows you what else it has in store. Building the energy immediately and dropping into a perfectly mixed joyride of synths, Tyron shows off his audio engineering mastery. Enter Bianca, perfectly amping up the vibe going into the second drop. This is the sound!
"I was intending to create a sound that was very melodic but still had bounce influences."
It's truly incredible how someone so young can make such evolved music. Young people and even full-on toddlers have amazed us in the past, but this is just next-level. I mean, how many of them do you see on the Beatport charts with every release (that are writing their own music)?

I want more... How do I find more?

You can go down under and check him out at Pacha Sydney or HQ Nightclub Adelaide where they have him on lockdown. If you need to get deeper you can check out Tyron's deeper alter alias - AC3. Massive remixes and originals on labels like Armada Deep. Coming off a huge tour around Ireland and the UK, what are his upcoming plans for touring? "I have another European tour scheduled for next year which will be around their summer time and hopefully I can head to the states some time next year." Making sure to end on a 'Hapi' note (sorry, not sorry) - here's my personal favorite - "Lost Control."

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