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Behind The Beat: Paris Blohm

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I honestly can't remember the last time I was this excited about an up-and-coming artist with as much potential as this guy.

 Paris Blohm has been receiving a huge amount of attention recently from his latest release of his original track with the amazing vocals of Angel Taylor.  Over only a couple of weeks following the release of that track, 'Presence', Paris gained over 5,000 fans on Facebook and over 21,000 listens on his Soundcloud alone.  This week, he follows up 'Presence' with a brand new original track with the help of Mako and beautiful vocals from Angel Taylor again, titled 'You Were Here'.  This really is one of my favorite electro songs that is out there right now, and with good reason.  Paris was also nice enough to give this song away for a free download on his Soundcloud and Facebook page.  With all that being said, I'm pumped to announce that I had the opportunity to get to know a little bit more about this rising star in our latest edition of Behind The Beat.  Make sure to download his newest song 'You Were Here' while you get to know the one and only Paris Blohm! OTBWhat was it that first inspired you to start creating electronic music? Paris BlohmAddiction turned to inspiration.  I was your underground computer geek in my teens.  No one would've thought I was a computer guy but as soon as I got home from school i'd play videogames online for 12-14 hours a day.  I picked up a copy of FLStudio and it looked like a video game to me, and it was fun too... at the age of 15 I slowly transitioned my video game habits into music making. OTBFirst off to our readers who don't already know, you recently changed your name from Parisyte to Paris Blohm.  What caused the name change? Paris BlohmI felt pigeon-holed musically with a name like Parisyte.  I wouldn't be able to release tracks like 'Presence' and have a great connection with that track to a name like Parisyte. I like my birthname, its unique and it can stand out, at least in my opinion.  It's just a bit classier than Parisyte.  I wanted to change for so long and I just never really got around to it, until the right opportunity appeared and I ran for it. OTBYour new video sessions 'Studio Days' show a little bit of behind the scenes of your daily work in production and is a great influence for young, aspiring artists to see.  Do you have any advice for those who are just starting to pursue a career as a professional DJ? Paris BlohmDon't rush it.  I know everyone wants to be the next Avicii and they feel like they can be, but just remember that no one gets there overnight.  So many producers have only been producing for 1-4 years, and they think that they are ready.  More often than not, they aren't.  I've been producing for 7 years and sometimes even I doubt myself. I just think that everyone should consider that when you're putting out a dance track, you have to stand as tall as Tiesto, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, etc. Why sell yourself short?   I think (and this is only my opinion) that in order for a new artist to really make a name for himself is to put out top notch work, 100% of the time.  If I were to release a year ago, I would have hurt myself more than you know.  My sound has really developed in the past 6 months.  I would hate to have somoene type my name in and get a track from 2 years ago, when it was not great at all.  The production has to be on point.  Also, lose the ego.  Being stubborn when people give you feedback (people you trust**), is only holding you back.  I have a handful of people I trust that I show my music to, and I listen to what they have to say.  I thought that my music was the best 2 years ago, I really did.  And then my harddrive failed and i had to completely restart.  All the habits that I had accumulated over those 5 years had to  be reconstructed... and it made me who I am today. OTBYou have such a variety of different sounds with your productions, is there one genre in specific that you like more than others? Paris BlohmI really love a good progressive house tune.  Not the generic repeated progressions you tend to hear nowadays, but timeless tunes like Levels.. just kidding.  No but really, a great melodic track like when I first heard Reload by Tommy Trash/Seb Ingrosso.  It's just stuck in my head for days.. I also like a proper banger with new sounds.  I've also started to enjoy some techier elements on top of bangers. I used to listen to rock music, a lot.  Radiohead, TOOL, Coheed & Cambria, all those progressive weird bands.  But now I catch myself living in this progressive house movement, and I can't say that I regret it. OTB:Your new track 'Presence' with Angel Taylor has received a ton of love from the EDM world, and like you have said, was dedicated to your younger sister Chloe.  What about her influenced and inspired you to create such a song? Paris BlohmHer word is BELIEVE.  Just keep pushing.. keep believing in yourself.  It really inspires me.  She did so much more than 90% of the able bodied people I know.  She took the impossible with her disability and made it a miracle.  Her Presence is here, pushing me and everyone who had the blessing of being around her.  That's why it was created. OTBHow has Chloe's work inspired you in your career in general? Paris BlohmWell, my room is 90% her artwork.  Everyday I get to wake up and see the amazing art she so wondefully created.  Like I said before, the things she did despite her disability puts to shame many people in this world.  And I want to live up to her expecations and push on, and to take ADVANTAGE of the traits I have instead of letting them waste. OTBSo far in your career, do you have a favorite show that has really stood out in your mind? Paris BlohmI've only played a handful of shows, and my debut show at LURE on valentines day was pretty intense.  It went so well that the booking manager tweeted saying it was the best opening set hes ever heard. I played many originals and the crowd was high energy the whole way through.  It was a great experience. OTBIf you could play any venue or festival, what would it be and why? Paris BlohmI want to play mainstage EDC.  I think everyone does, but i've been going to that festival since i was 16.  Thats 6 years.. and all the while i've been producing music.  I've done my time in the crowd, i want to be on that stage. OTBWhat artist, if any, would you want to be able to work with for a collaboration? Paris BlohmI think working with Sebastian Ingrosso, or Dirty South, would be a great experience.  I think melodically we all have a great ear for it.  It would be, in my mind, an amazing collab. OTBWhat big things can we expect from Paris Blohm in 2013? Paris BlohmYou tell me, i'm living one day at a time! No but, we have tons of shows lined up that we can't throw out yet until they're confirmed, but I may be stopping around in a city near you sometime this year.  OH, and keep expecting lots of music, most likely for free.