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Behind the Beat: Worthy

Monday, January 23, 2017
Alex Blake

I'm still a relative newbie to the Dirtybird label compared to the throngs of dedicated fans that turn out to their events across the country, but the signature funky, weird, bubbly house tracks from the likes of label head Claude VonStroke and artists such as Shiba San, Billy Kenny, and Justin Martin have always caught my attention with their uniquely identifiable "tech-funk" sound. I was lucky enough to catch up with one of the original founders of Dirtybird, Worthy, during his One on One Tour stop at Good Room in Brooklyn. Joining him as his first guest on the One on One Tour was Rodriguez Jr., along with Anja Schneider, Julian Jeweil, and Cry Baby who rounded out the line up for the night. After this stop, Worthy will be joined by a whole host of his friends at various tour stops, including Kill Frenzy, Ardalan, Christian Martin, Justin Martin, J.Phlip, Billy Kenny and more. Stepping away from the decks for a second, Worthy let us know what has happened since our last interview in May of this year, and gave us some clues as to the best up and coming artists. Check out the full interview below: Only The Beat: So I assume this is your first time playing at Good Room here in Brooklyn? Worthy: Yeah, it's the first time. OTB: So what'd you think? Did it meet your standards? (laughs) W: It was great! The vibe was good, very energetic. I brought up the room the same I would bring up a party in San Francisco. OTB: Do you consciously differentiate between a club set and a festival or outdoor show or do you play the sets similarly? W: They're pretty similar...I mean I’ve played a similar set that I’ve been playing recently, not in the same order or anything, but I’m always thinking "I wanna play that" and always adding new stuff in that I find each week. OTB: It's always interesting to hear where DJs are finding their new material. Do you go any place specifically or just kind of have tracks fall into your lap? W: I usually go on Beatport honestly, or I try to find something within the promos that get sent to me. But really a lot of the best stuff I find comes from Beatport. A lot of the weird stuff I find comes from there and I try and seek out the weird stuff no one has found yet, so it’s pretty cool. 416246_10151334266220099_1076864990_o OTB: This is the first stop of your One on One Tour. What’s the inspiration for this tour? W: Well, we wanted to do a tour that was different than what everyone else is doing. A lot of other tours are bringing in really famous people, but I wanted this one to be where I sit down with the artists I’m playing with and doing a little interview with them on top of playing with them. It’s kind of like one on one us playing together but also one on one talking with them, shooting the shit, talking about what DJs talk about and picking their brain a little bit. I want to incorporate other points of view that other people wouldn’t usually get because other people aren’t DJ’s in the technical sense. OTB: So you're bringing a new view point as a DJ to DJ interview? W: Yeah! That was the point, one on one in both playing together and the interview. OTB: What has happened since our last interview back in May of 2016 and what can we look forward to coming up in 2017? W: Well, we've got the tour and I've got a release that just came out on Exploited called "Keep Me Up." After that, I have an Anabatic Ten Year Compilation, which includes 20 tracks, including a new remix of one of my biggest tracks, "On the Floor" featuring Kevin Knapp. After that, I've got a release on a label called Strangelove, which is a new Toolroom label, they've got some of their big names on there. Walker & Royce has a release coming up on there, Cizak, and a couple of other people.

Worthy - Keep Me Up

OTB: Ciszak and Walker & Royce were in your set today, great tracks and great guys. W: Absolutely. There are a lot of great artists coming out with tracks on Strangelove so be sure to check them out. OTB: Now I know that you like to keep Anabatic separate from your Dirtybird identity in some sense. What do the two identities represent for you, respectively? W: Dirtybird is like the family vibe that I've come up with for a lot of my career. Anabatic is more personal expression of music that I've done that doesn’t really fit within Dirtybird but still needed a place to be released. OTB: I know that you've lived in New York for a time and then went back to San Francisco, where your career really blew up. You've recently spoken about a rejuvenation of the scene on the East Coast compared to its past here. Do you perceive a noticeable difference between the East and est Coast scenes? W: Well in New York specifically, I'm honestly not too sure because I'm removed from the heart beat of what's going on here. But in San Francisco, the vibe is still very a good way. There's a new revamp of a big club called Great Northern and another giant club that opened called the Mid or the Midway. It's still vibrant there, nights are still going off, and it's still super crazy as always. OTB: I love the Dirtybird Campout and BBQ concepts. They strike me as a uniquely West Coast type concept. W: (laughs) yeah, Campout is great. It's really fun. It's the most fun part for me at least. It's really a unique experience. It's a really cool vibe because there is only one stage going on at a time, which brings everyone together, listening to the same music with the same vibe. It makes things really fun. Really great. OTB: Who are the new people you've been keeping your eye on as up and comers in the scene? W: Well in my ranks on the Anabatic label, Gerry Gonza, who was part of Thee Cool Cats before and has gone off on his own, doing some really cool work. Another guy, Elevator Musik, I dropped one of his tracks with this big fat bass line (accurately titled "Big Fat"), I’m sure you heard it, that one just came out on the label and he's been dropping some really good stuff. And he’s already had a Dirtybird track so he’s definitely coming up. OTB: Anything to wrap up with? W: Thanks for coming out and we hope to see you on the One on One Tour!
one Only the Beat would like to thank Worthy and his management team for arranging the interview! Be sure to check out the upcoming tour dates and grab tickets to see Worthy in a city near you!

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