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Behind the Beat: Violet Days

Friday, November 04, 2016
Snehal Yarlagadda

Sweden-based singer and songwriter Violet Days has had a pretty crazy past few months. She's worked and collaborated with The Chainsmokers, Fraser T Smith and Sasha Skarbek to name a few. Her latest  collaboration with up and coming house producers, Hotel Garuda "Fixed On You" puts out some groovy bass. Only The Beat: Tell us a little about where you grew up? Violet Days: I grew up in a small village in the countryside of Sweden, in a red wooden house, surrounded by forest and wilderness. I love that place, and whenever I need a break I go there. OTB: What kind of music did you listen to growing up? VD: All kinds of music, my brother would always play old songs on the accordion and my parents played a lot of Beatles, Elvis, Tina Turner, The Ronettes. I would of course dress up and listen to Spice Girls in the other room with my girlfriends, but I still love music from the 60s and 70s. OTB: Have you always had an affinity for pop music or did you have a totally different musical background? VD: I always loved catchy melodies that I could sing along to and I grew up in a musical family where we would all play and sing together. When I first started writing my own songs as a teenager, I listened to a lot of pop/rock so that's the style I first learned to play and write to. I was also the singer in a metal band back in high school, so I've been experimenting with genres which has been fun, but I've always come back to pop. OTB: We are loving the new release with Hotel Garuda! Did you do anything to celebrate it? VD: Thank you! Yeah, I happened to be in Vegas for the first time by the time we released it, so we definitely celebrated it! Haha! OTB: How did this collaboration with Hotel Garuda come about? Did they reach out to you? VD: It was through their label PRMD, they got the topline and Hotel Garuda wanted to work on it. It went very smooth and easy.

HOTEL GARUDA - Fixed On You (Feat. Violet Days)

OTB: How different was working on this project versus your previous ones? VD: Well, I've done a few featuring projects before and it's mostly been with everybody in the room writing together at the same time. I wrote this topline with my bandmate Kris on a different track, and then we took the acapella and sent it around. It's always different how songs come about, this one was easy since Hotel Garuda completely embraced the song in the right way. OTB: Did you give them direction on how they could use your vocals? VD: Not really, they just worked around the acapella and did their magic. OTB: What's the process like when you sit down to write a song? VD: It's always different, sometimes I have a story and lyrics that I want to start with, sometimes I start with the melody. I love to start off a session watching visuals to get in the mood. OTB: Can we expect more collaborations with producers and DJ's in the future? VD: We're always up for collaborating on great stuff, and we have a few coming. Bonus Questions OTB: Describe yourself in one word. VD: Spicy OTB: Favorite vocalist? VD: Bon Iver OTB: Sushi or Ramen? VD: Ramen OTB: Life Motto? VD: Go Bananas! OTB: Finish this sentence. Cinnabons are... VD: Cinnabons are TOO GOOD. OTB: Who/What inspires you? VD: Great stories, interesting people, the world.

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