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Behind the Beat: Viceroy

Monday, November 14, 2016
Josh Habursky

The Sultan of Summer, Viceroy invaded Washington, D.C. on Halloween Weekend where he headlined the sold out DC Brunch Club extravaganza. Viceroy hails from San Francisco, California and his motto is "Summertime all the time". The Sultan has a unique tropical style that brings the beach to any dance floor. He has an impressive resume of remixes, originals and collaborations that are all "jams not bangers" aligned with his personality. He captivated an electric crowd with a cool house vibe mixed with disco tunes. On a personal level, Viceroy is very down to earth, loyal to the people that helped him succeed in the music industry, and someone that wants to continue to produce good music and create an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the party. Only The Beat: When did you start DJing and producing? Where was your first official gig? Viceroy: I started djing when I was in college while studying abroad in Rome, and messed around with production throughout college for fun. My 1st Viceroy show was on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel in downtown LA. OTB: Do you have any mentors in the industry? If so, how have they helped your career? V: I think I've had influences more than I would say mentors. Guys like Bit Funk have always been kind enough to give me advice on my production which is the best possible scenario. OTB: If you had to pick another career…? V: A chef! OTB: What is the recipe for a good party? V: No party poopers and keep the libations flowing. OTB: You're from San Francisco. If I was in San Francisco for 48 hours where would you recommend going? Club/Lounges? Restaurants? V: Audio Nightclub The Dorian Palm House OTB: How would you define your genre of music? Tell us a little bit more about your motto, "Summertime all the time". V: I wouldn't call my music "a genre" but more of a vibe, hence the motto. Being labeled as one genre feels too forced. Summertime all the time represents a mood, a vibe, a season, a attitude, a personality and so much more. OTB: What is your favorite track the you produced and one that you did not produce? V: I really enjoyed producing "Back To the Start" and one of my favorite tracks I didn't produce would have to be "Can I Kick It?" by A Tribe Called Quest.

Viceroy - "Back At the Start" ft. K. Flay

OTB: Is it harder to get discovered in the industry or maintain the status of being one of the top DJs/producers? V: I think it's easier than ever to be discovered thanks to the digital era, but the market is over-saturated. If you do make it, you have to compete against this intensely saturated market. Both are hard. OTB: What advice do you have for an aspiring DJ that is trying to get a shot in the industry? V: DO YOU! Make the music you like not just what's the flavor of the month. OTB: Where do you see the dance music industry going in the next five years? New technology? Changes? V: DJs will be going live, but as for music I have no idea. You never know these days! OTB: Outside of Djing, what are your other interests or hobbies? V: Tennis and the restaurant world. OTB: What can we expect from you the rest of this year? Any new tracks or collaborations coming up? V: I have an EP coming out, another mixtape, and some more remixes! I'm doing a live tour starting in the beginning of 2017.

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