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Behind The Beat: TITUS

Monday, April 25, 2016

Last week, I had the chance to ask the rapidly rising rapper TITUS a few questions about his musical career so far. He's been pumping to vocal remixes to some major bass tracks, as well as a couple originals with other well-known producers. Take a listen to one of his newer original tracks, 'Get Busy,' with monster house duo Matisse & Sadko while you get to learn a little bit more about TITUS. OTB: Where did your first musical inspiration come from? Was it a certain track or album that sparked your interest in production and rapping? TITUS: As far as rap goes, Lil Wayne.  I think there was a point where he legit put out three records a day for a of couple months straight. Drought 3 was dope, the whole Dedication series, all that.  This was right around the "Dipset" era, which I was also a huge fan of.  Before that I was into punk & alternative rock.  Guess that comes with being a 90s kid. OTB: When you were first starting your musical career, was there a certain artist that you really looked up to or inspired you? TITUS: Wayne & Ye. OTB: Has being from New Jersey had an inspiration on your musical style? TITUS: In some ways, yeah.  Although I think it has more to do with being so close to New York City.  We share a radio market and a lot of culture.  Jersey does have its own scene, but they vary by major city.  I was always more interested in making my own sound, and really what I'm doing right now is a result of that mindset.


OTB: What has been your favorite track to work on so far? TITUS: Damn. They’re all fun (laughs). I also engineer my own vocals, so a lot of the time its just me messing around with different effects to see how weird I can get it before I get back on track and bang it out. Got a record with my bro Jay Pharoah (of SNL) which was fun because dude can literally freestyle for hours and its always on point.  This record with Kandy “DOUBETTER” was also fun to make. I freestyled a good piece of that one. OTB: You’ve been rising up the ranks pretty quickly in the music scene with some major collabs and performances. Was there a defining moment when you knew that this was a career that you could take pretty far? TITUS: I’m very blessed to see people responding to what I’m doing right now, for real.  Since the beginning in 2008, when me and my two friends Ricky and Brandon started a group in high school called Blood Puddle (yes Blood Puddle), I’ve been dedicated to making music regardless of response or notoriety. I think all musicians just want to share though. We want to create and share. And I’m very thankful to see producers that I like reaching out to create, and people who don’t know me want to share what I’m doing with the world. 12391988_1062420073820217_2961761750131876929_n OTB: When you are in the studio, what are a couple essential (non-production) items that you need with you? For example; a drink, snack, etc. TITUS: I need gummy bears! Actually, quick check - gummy bears are fire. Trust me on that, straight heat rock. Also, I drink a lot of green & black tea in the studio.  Gotta have the honey with that. OTB: How was it working with artists like Crankdat and Havok Roth for your latest track, ‘Stoopid Rich’? TITUS: They killed the production on that one, for real. Shout outs to both of them!  As soon as I got the record, I called Brandon and we just rode around the city vibing to it.  That’s actually where that “Hanami” reference comes from.  That's a dope sushi spot in the area we were. OTB: If you could collab with any artist out there right now, who would it be and why? TITUS: PartyNextDoor is dope. As a songwriter I’ve seen him grow with each project he’s dropped. I can definitely vibe with a lot of the records he’s been making, for sure. As a producer, RL Grime is also definitely on that list. Always liked his production. I got a chance to catch him in NYC on the VOID tour a while back, and I’ve been even more of a fan ever since. OTB: What big plans can you announce for Titus for the rest of 2016? TITUS: New music, new music.  A lot of features coming, a lot of collaborations with some pretty dope acts, and a lot of originals in the stash.  Also, there are some really great things happening with my imprint The Future Moguls. Shout to my brotha Myles William. We’ve got some exciting surprises on that end coming very soon. Shout out to my Future Mogul family! Going to be a roller coaster ride.

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