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Behind The Beat: Timmy Trumpet

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Timmy Trumpet - Sydney's hottest export. Without him, Melbourne Bounce would not be where it is today. Timothy Jude Smith been trumpeting to EDM for years and has released some of the catchiest, most timeless tunes in the genre. We caught up with him before his performance at Avalon Nightclub this coming Saturday to pick the brain of a true Bounce Baller.
Only The Beat: You have a big appearance at Avalon Hollywood, in Tinseltown itself March 4th.  Is this going to be your first time at Avalon? Timmy Trumpet: It's my first time performing at Avalon and I can't wait! I saw Dirty South play there around 5 years ago and it blew my mind! So excited for March 4!! OTB: How do you like the Hollywood crowd? What about the LA scene in general? TT: I've spent so much time in LA it's like my second home. Whenever I'm in the States I stay in LA in between shows. I love the place and the people. LA knows how to fucking party! OTB: What are the challenges of keeping such a tight schedule? Have you ever had to cancel an appearance? TT: I've never missed a flight that I was booked on unless it was the airlines fault, and I've never used being too busy as an excuse to cancel a show. I love playing and I'll play every night if I can. Sometimes I'll take time off to work in the studio, but that’s about it. You gotta hustle in this industry. OTB: In 2014 you were saying Melbourne Bounce was rapidly evolving, being very different from how it started. Can you shed some light on how that change feels after three years? TT: Music always changes - that's what makes it interesting. I can’t speak for anyone else or how they feel about it, but it was popping and now it's not. I think a lot of the time it's a chicken and egg situation. Do artists get sick of making the same stuff or do fans want a different sound, so artists start making different stuff? I think it’s a bit of both and we all influence change as much as each other. I for one love change and I love that electronic music has always been the fastest moving of all music cultures. It's inspiring! OTB: You've been very good at releasing Freak Show episodes weekly and are now at episode #76 (now #77 upon publication - we can't keep up with him!). Tell us about what your podcast means to you. TT: It's all about the music I am into at the time. The podcast is great because I can’t play all the tracks I love in my live set, as it would simply be impossible. The show gives me the chance to play records from producers I like and up and coming artists that are new on the scene as well. There’s a lot of good music out there and I love putting the show together every week. It's something I can do on the road and I love that fans have something for free that they can listen to wherever they are as well.

Carnage x Timmy Trumpet - PSY or DIE

OTB: "Oracle," "Mantra," and" Psy or Die" are all distinct from your other hits like "Freaks" or "Nightmare." Do you plan on continuing the psychedelic tracks? TT: I never plan on anything for the future when it comes to my music. For every track I release I'm probably working on 20 others and all from different styles and genres. I love getting in the studio and not even having a plan sometimes and just riding with the moment. Sometimes that makes a great track, sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s all part of the process and I love every part of it. OTB: Out of the artists you've collaborated with, who was the most fun to work with? Who has the nicest studio? TT: KSHMR has a really [nice] studio space. We're working on a new track together and I'm learning a lot from him. He's truly a master at his craft. I can't say one producer is more fun to work with than another honestly. I always have fun writing music and if it stops being fun, I just move onto the next thing. You gotta love what you do! OTB: How did your friendship and collaboration with Carnage begin and how is it to work together? TT: Carnage is a LEGEND! I first met him Australia and working with him is as fun as partying with him. You only have to follow the guy on social to work out how much fun it is partying with the man himself. OTB: You mentioned earlier this year to DJ Mag Japan that your father was a trumpeter and started you up when you were only 4 years old. Can you tell us more about your practice schedule and general discipline when it came to learning the instrument at such an early age? TT:I was the kid that actually went to band camp! Music has always been everything to me and I spent every spare moment I had giving it everything I’ve got...hours and hours on end, weekends and holidays. My parents were always supportive and never pressured me, it was just something I wanted to do but my dad definitely inspired me. OTB: What are some of the interesting things you listen to outside of your genre? TT: It's constantly changing. I listen to everything from Metallica to Mozart. Lately I’ve been listening to Asian Pop. I only discovered Big Bang today! OTB: Which country has the most mental fans in your opinion? TT: Scotland. Man they can party! OTB: Any guilty (or not so guilty) pleasures? TT: Gummi bears...can't live without them!

MAKJ & Timmy Trumpet Feat. Andrew W.K. - Party Till We Die

If you love to bounce and go mental catch up with Tim at Avalon this Saturday or one of the many shows on his tour! Also - check him out on SoundCloud to stay up to date on the newest installment of Freak Show and all of his latest bangers.