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Behind the Beat: Patrick Topping

Friday, September 02, 2016
Shendy Hershfield

Patrick Topping. You may have seen the name recently as he has been all over festival lineups, clubs and of course the Jamie Jones' Paradise parties. Hailing from Newcastle, UK the tech house producer has created quite the buzz over the past year and has become one of the most sought after DJs/producers. Believe us when we say, you probably want to keep a close eye on him as there are big things coming down the line. Topping took some time out of his busy schedule ahead New York City's Electric Zoo to chat with his about touring, his latest EP 'Taking Libz' and a collaboration he would love to do (his answer may surprise you). If you are headed to the festival make sure to catch him at 4:30 PM Saturday, September 3rd at the Sunday School stage with the rest of the Elrow Crew! Only The Beat: For those readers that are less familiar, can you share how you got your start in producing? When did you know this was what you wanted to pursue as a career? Patrick Topping: I first knew I wanted to explore this possibly being a career when I first went to Ibiza! I fell in love with the place and it sparked my interest in trying to become a DJ. I started producing just after that, I got decks, but soon realized I needed to really master production first, so the decks got kind of neglected for a while. I actually had made tracks before I even knew how to beat match. OTB: You have had a spectacularly busy Summer touring, spending a ton of time in Ibiza for Paradise. Is there any gig this Summer that has stuck out for you in particular? PT: Closing the main room of DC10 for Paradise is always special! I've been lucky enough to do that a few times and so far this season four times. Three of those were back to backs, Richy Ahmed, wAFF then Eats Everything and although I really love b2b's and sometimes they can be more fun than playing on your own, another one sticks out. It was the time I closed it on my own. This could have been coz it was the only one when I was completely sober haha, but I remember it being so amazing. Also closing the main room of space for Annie Mac Presents is up there with my favorite gigs ever. It was really intense and atmosphere was unreal and with it being the last season of Space, it felt very special to close such an iconic room. OTB: Favorite place you have played so far in your career? PT: DC10 is always amazing, it's the best club in the world in my eyes, but another and less well-known favorite is Revolver in Melbourne. Every time I go to Australia this is the one place I make sure is on the tour. The crowd and venue are both very cool, it used to be an art space, so it looks amazing and also the food is lush ha. It's open all weekend from Friday to 8 AM Monday and the crowd are very up for long sets, where any style is welcomed. Every time I go, I try to play longer than the last time! Going to try top eight hours this November. OTB: I will admit that I wasn't super familiar with your music up until the Electric Zoo 2015 lineup came out. When I saw you were on the All Gone Pete Tong stage I knew I would love your music. First thing I listened to was your set from the Elrow presents Paradise. I know that was a little over a year ago but can you describe that party to us? It's one of my favorite sets I have ever heard from any artist. PT: That was an epic party! It was the first time Paradise had been held at Elrow's legendary Row 14 club in Barcelona, which is also one of my favorite clubs in the world, possibly 4th after DC10, Revolver and Amnesia. All the Paradise crew played, it was a wicked energy and also one of my favorite memories playing. I had a few mates over from Newcastle with me too and crowd were so up for it. Paradise and Elrow are now two of the strongest brands for this music, so it was always going to be mint!

Patrick Topping @ Elrow Presents Paradise, Elrow Barcelona - 19 July 2015

OTB: Speaking of the Elrow, you are playing the Elrow stage this year at Electric Zoo in NYC. Excited to be going back to Electric Zoo this year? PT: Yeah! Last year was really really good! Pete Tong's flight was delayed so I ended up having my set extended to 2 and a half hours and I would say it was the best reaction I’ve had playing in The States yet! The tent filled right out and the crowd got properly into it. I’m so happy to have been asked back this year! And with the Elrow crew, who I’m now tight with and play regularly for, it’s going to be daft! OTB: Another big event is coming in October, ADE. You are playing the Paradise party there on October 21st. ADE is massive in scale. Thoughts on the event as a whole and its impact on dance music? Any other parties you will be playing that week in Amsterdam? PT: Yeah, ADE is amazing, the scale of events alone is great for fans of this music. It's also good for industry people to meet up. I know it's where my agent met up with my Australian tour organizer for example, so it's cool how people can connect that like. Then there are also the industry panels and conferences. But also the shows I've played have been really good, packed and amazing crowds and venues. I'm playing 3 nights in a row this year, that's going to be enough for me I think! OTB: Your latest EP "Taking Libz" recently came out on Hot Creations. Can you speak to the inspiration behind this one? The creative process? PT: I made Howk ages ago, about June 2014, then Taking Libz in November 2015. There was talk of an EP on Hot Creations and I needed one more track, so I made Brayed with that in mind, in February 2016. So the EP took a little while to come about and there were even a few others tracks during this period that were going to possibly be on the EP, but I'm glad Jamie took his time and waited, as think those three ended up working well together.

Patrick Topping - Taking Libz

OTB: Favorite food and where can we get it? PT: Fish & Chips, it can be nice in America, but the real deal is in the UK! OTB: Top three tracks you are listening to right now? PT: Margot - Er Suonone Syclops – Jump Bugs Raffa FL - How We Do OTB: If there was one person dead or alive that you collaborate with on a track who would it be and why? PT: Kanye West would be so sick! OTB: What can we look forward to this rest of 2016? New tracks, collaborations coming? PT: I'm mixing my first official mix compilation, excited to share the details on that. Got three remixes coming out. One of Raumakustik- Dem A Pree, which has loads of hype, I can't wait for that to come out, also one of Matador, who I'm very happy to be remixing, as I love his techno productions and one of Booka Shades's classic Night Falls.

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