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Behind the Beat: Mako

Thursday, January 04, 2018
Josh Habursky

Mako, the Los Angeles-based electronic act led by producer/songwriter Alex Seaver, is getting ready for a jam packed 2018 with a 33 city full band live tour beginning this January and going into March. Mako also recently released "Breathe" on Ultra records. This track is the first official single with Seaver as the sole member behind Mako. Previously a duo, (with DJ and band mate Logan Light), Mako now takes on a new life as a solo act, with Seaver serving a multifaceted role as its frontman and driving creative force.  Mako posted a preview of the tour and went Behind the Beat for an interview to discuss his new track, tour, a bit of the groups history, and upcoming projects.
Only The Beat: Take us back. Where was your first official gig? Mako: Oh man, believe it or not Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Logan and I flew down together excited as hell to play for an empty Mexican nightclub. This is what dreams are made of... OTB: Who or what has been most inspirational or helpful in your music career? M: Been crazy lucky to have so many colleagues and mentors that have changed my life so often. My manager, Richard Bishop is an immense, constant positive presence for me since Mako started to get serious. Consider myself insanely lucky to have that kind of backup on the team. =) OTB: If you had to pick another career? M: Ashamed to say I am impressively awful at anything other than music. I can't imagine what else I would turn to, maybe filmmaking...some other art form. OTB: What is your favorite track the you produced and one that you did not produce? M: At this moment I'd say the the Our Story (Hourglass Finale) is a tune I really love and feel proud of. As far as one that I didn't produce...there are an awful lot. This track by Son Lux called 'Easy' is one I've been crazy about since I first heard it. OTB: You recently released a new track 'Breathe' on Ultra Records. Can you tell us a little bit about this project and it's production? M: Yeah this was a song that I wrote a year ago and spent about eight months dialing in. I wanted the production to be incredibly rhythmic but also as exclusively organic as possible. There are very few sampled elements in the track...but the real trick was taking all of these live instruments and percussion bits and creating a really contemporary mix out of it. I worked with an amazing producer named Scott Bruzenak that helped me dial in this last part. The reason for all of this is that I wanted the vocal to come across intimate and personal...holding back from the artificial stuff.

Mako - Breathe

OTB: You are also getting ready to start a 33 date tour. 1) What city are you most looking forward to performing in? 2) What do you do outside of your music career to relieve stress and the pace of being a DJ and producer? M: I'd be lying if I didn't say that San Francisco has been hands down the greatest city to play over the years. Really excited for that show at the Fillmore. That's a great question about releasing stress, it's so critical. I spend time with my girlfriend, get my head completely removed from music -- also just picked up a Nintendo Switch =). Nice way to unplug. I listen to a lot of podcasts as well. I'm a relatively dumb person but I love the sounds of smart people talking...especially experts in their fields, I find I have a lot in common with anyone striving for mastery of some kind of craft. It keeps me very inspired. OTB: What advice do you have for an aspiring DJ that is trying to get a shot in the industry? M: Make undeniable music. I know other artists charted different courses in their own way but I feel like the music should be truly firing on all cylinders before any other step. I also don't believe that undeniably great music goes unnoticed for long. It's a good barometer for whether you're ready to get out there, if people are listening. OTB: Where do you see the dance music industry going in the next five years? New technology? Changes? M: I've never been very good at predicting stuff like this, it certainly seems like everybody is wrong on the trends until we're well surrounded by the next one. I've felt that we've moved away from melody in both dance and pop music and that makes me a little sad...definitely hope we return to it at some point. But change is always dictated by great new music, and that's a good thing. OTB: What is the top personal milestone in your music career so far? M: Performing at Lollapalooza became a definite milestone of the DJ career. Personally, performing the song "Legends Never Die" that I wrote with League Of Legends in Beijing, China is a crazy personal highlight for me. It combined all my passions in one event with unbelievable people, songwriting/production/film scoring/performance. OTB: What can we expect from you in the new year any big releases, collaborations, shows outside of the tour? M: Tooons more music I hope =). I've been writing non-stop, always, so the moment it's ready you guys will know!

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