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Behind The Beat: Layton Giordani

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Dawn Runge

After hearing some of his tracks, we got the chance to catch up with Layton Giordani when he was back over in the US for a few shows. One of the new faces to Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label roster, Layton Giordani is still only 24, but released his debut on the label earlier this year with a full LP titled “Where It Begins”. The name no doubt in reflection of where his career is now all starting and most definitely going from here -- he has played in Los Angeles, OFF Sonar in Barcelona, Sisyphos in Berlin and the legendary Awakenings Festival in the Netherlands. Originally from New York, and now based in the Netherlands. We asked him a few in depth questions about production, his early inspirations and where he has enjoyed playing the most in the last year since he has been touring the globe. Only The Beat: What are some of the tracks that ignited your passion for dance music?  Layton Giordani: To be honest, what really ignited my passion for dance music was going to a club in NYC. When I was younger I was listening to my friend’s older brother’s tapes that had mixes from the 90’s. I was also a big fan of the Faithless and Sonique era. OTB: You were lucky enough to grow up in an environment where you had access to some of the best clubs in the world. What advice do you have for young DJs/producers in smaller towns or cities that may not have that, but still want to get exposure? LG: The key to getting your sound out there is networking, I think. Travel to see the people you look up to. Or even just to experience the whole thing. It really is an eye opener. Just connect with like-minded people and don't give up. It’ll all sort itself out one way or another. OTB: What has been the biggest challenge you've faced in your development from bedroom DJ to world-touring and well-respected producer?  LG: Getting the chance. Nobody wants to be that guy and give someone the first chance. People like to be safe (which is understandable at times) but, those who take risks have a much greater reward in the end, I reckon. OTB: You've been touring outside the States recently. What city captured your heart?  LG: So many great cities but for now one place that sticks with me is Venice, Italy. I was able to hang there for a few days and relax after a show in Jesolo. I stayed in San Marco where there aren’t any cars. Travel is totally by boat, so you could imagine me, a city boy at heart, with no cars around and all water ways? It was so different, but I actually found it really relaxing and a slower pace of life, which should be enjoyed. I loved it. OTB: You've got some heavily banging techno tracks, but also some with an injection of sexier house aspects. For places you've never played, or for certain mixes, how do you decide what to play?  LG: I just test the crowd. I don't think you should just bang heavy techno for 2 - 3 hours straight, unless they really want it. For me, it’s all about the journey and taking them where you feel they want to go in the moment. I prepare music for all occasions so I'm pretty much ready to go whatever way they’re feeling.

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