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Behind the Beat: Joyzu

Monday, January 09, 2017
Zach Anderson

This year, traveling to SnowGlobe Music Festival went much smoother than last year's 2,360 Miles To SnowGlobe. Spending five days in South Lake Tahoe created many memories and plenty of highlights. One of my favorites was meeting up and throwing down with Joyzu prior to their performance on the Sierra Stage. OTB: Let's start with the basics guys, who makes up Joyzu? Quintin: Well, I'm Quintin Pope currently in Denver, Colorado originally from Sacramento. Carson: And I'm Carson Willms originally from Sacramento as well. We met in middle school and grew up together. OTB: Where did the name Joyzu come from? Q: The name came about due to the fact that our music brings "Joy" to people and that's what they want, plus this industry makes them happy. The "Zu" portion comes from how crazy this industry really is and how sometimes it feels like a zoo..."Joyzu". OTB: And how did Joyzu come about? Q: We threw some parties back in high school and began playing music. C: We DJ'd different events, it got pretty wild at times. We realized early on that this is really fun, so we came together and started making dance music. We were to the point that this was more than just a hobby. Since then things changed a bit, we've gone by a few different names over the past few years before settling on Joyzu. OTB: What equipment did you start out with in high school? C: Traktor S4 Q: Traktor S4 - The original S4 that we've had for years and never upgraded. Dude, the original controller, it works just fine and that's all you need. C: Still used to this day, we're playing multiple cabin parties, after parties, all of our family and friends are around here. You'll see us carrying around that Traktor S4. We can't play these Pioneer CDJ's every weekend. Q: Yeah they're too expensive. They're cool, but I can't afford them right now. C: It's crazy we just switched to CDJ's this year once we started getting booked for larger shows. So we had to learn and adapt quickly. OTB: Working with CDJ's and having to adapt quickly, how is that going? C: They are the standard once you get to a certain level. Q: Yeah, you either play CDJ's or you bring your own setup, and you can usually only bring your own setup if you are big enough. So for us, we tend to play on the house's equipment which happen to be CDJ's. For SnowGlobe we didn't request to bring our own equipment, we're going to play on whatever they have setup. OTB: What is coming up besides your much anticipated set here at SnowGlobe? C: Later tonight, we're performing at Xhale Nightclub after our set here at the festival, and it's weird because our set at the afterparty will probably be ten times crazier than here at SnowGlobe. OTB: What do you mean by ten times crazier? C: At SnowGlobe you'll hear our style as Joyzu, but at the afterparty you'll hear more bangers, and it's going to be packed. You'll hear a side of Joyzu that isn't our typical music, but it will still be wild. OTB: What's coming up for you guys in 2017? Q: We just signed with Armada Music, whom are based out of The Netherlands. We have at least ten singles coming out so we'll be busting shit out. We have four or five releases coming out within the first four months of the new year. We're traveling a ton more, heading to Mexico to play with Zeds Dead at SWAT Spring Break, booking our first U.S. tour and working on heading to Europe and Australia later in the year. C: We're under new management with Zeds Dead's tour manager. It's pretty awesome. For us it's like moving up to a new level. We started off listening to Zeds Dead growing up, and now were working with Zeds Dead basically, in a way. OTB: It's great hearing that things are on the up and up for Joyzu, how about new music for 2017? C: Actually, our next original single is coming our January 5th and we're hopeful that it will top "Hear You Say" which just broke a half million plays on Spotify and probably a million overall. Q: We have so much push behind this next song. C: We have a lot of push behind this next song, we feel its going to top the last one - from there it's all about momentum, building Joyzu as a name, and as an artist throughout the whole world.  Hoping around making dance music, and making people happy. That's really what this is all about. It's two best friends making music, a hobby that turned into something really cool from the sixth grade!

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