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Behind The Beat: Eelke Kleijn

Photo Credit: Jaap Beyleveld As Amsterdam Dance Event rolled around this year, the requests started coming in for interviews with various artists. I took on a few of those interviews this year and had hoped I would have a chance to hear what some artists had to say about the ever-changing landscape that is the music industry. Lucky for me Eelke Kleijn was up for that task. I had the opportunity to pick his brain on everything from his label to how blockchain could impact music.
Only The Beat: How did your label party come to together with All Day I Dream? Eelke Kleijn: Well, that's a cool story. Cause last year we did the same thing, it was also All Day I Dream and then I played a four hour set in the second area. But, at that time my label had not started yet, like the plans for it. We only launched this year in January. So, basically we sort of did the same thing but now we made it a label party for the second area. OTB: Well, that's pretty exciting stuff! So, how are things going with the label? How are things progressing? EK: Really good. We started in January and we have a release every four to five weeks or so. It's been going well. It's been a lot of my own music so far. That was always the plan. And slowly I'm bringing other people on board as well so we have a remix from AFFKT coming up. Nick Warren just did one. Siege just joined as an artist as well. So, I'm slowly getting other people on there as well. Eelke Kleijn Photo Credit: Jaap Beyleveld OTB: The purpose you said was to release your own music but was there driving force behind it? Did you want to see more of the music you like or? EK: Yeah, it was a combination of things. I've been releasing music on a lot of different labels and one of the things is it's always kind of hard to get all of them on the same agenda. So for me as an artist, it would be best if I have a release and six weeks later I have another one. You know you want to keep a steady sort of output. What used to happen a lot was that releases would get postponed or they got moved forward and all of the sudden you have three in the same week you know. And that was one of the reasons. One of the other reasons was also I felt I was busy long enough to start and sort of  try and build something around me. With other artists that I really appreciate. And yeah those two combined was like let's do this.

Eelke Kleijn - Live @ DAYS like NIGHTS ADE [October 21st 2017]

OTB: Are there any young artists that you kind of looking at, their music is really good, that you are liking right now? EK: Yeah, definitely. Some people I am trying to get on board or talking to Jonas Saalbach, There's a few others I am always really bad with names but I am always interested in getting new people on board. OTB: Is there a track you really like right now that seems to be popping up up sets? EK: These are the hardest questions for me as I honestly can’t remember a single title. Yes, there are many but I would have to look them up. On my laptop to find them. OTB: Talk a little bit about what you have coming up in terms of your releases, touring? EK: So, the next track by me and the next track on the label is a song I did eleven years ago, 8 Bit Era. And I did a sort of balearic, indie dance sort of new version of it. So its quite low on BPM, quite summer-y. So that's going to go out in three or four weeks or something. And Nick Warren did a remix of that. And that was actually, I was really happy with that. That song 11 years ago was sort of my breakthrough I'd say. And Nick Warren at the time put it on his Global Underground compilation and after he did that I got in touch with the guys from Global Underground and did my artist album on their label and that sort of got the whole thing started. So, doing a new version of that and having Nick remix it now as well is really awesome. So, that’s coming up and then honestly there is so much new music from me that's ready I just haven't decided in which order I am going got put it out yet. I think next year will be really busy as well. Touring wise I think November is mostly Europe for me. I know I'm playing Manchester, a couple of gigs in The Netherlands, one or two other countries I can't think of right now. Then in December I'll be in San Francisco, Canada for a few gigs. OTB: Do you have a favorite place you've played in the world? EK: I think Argentina. It's just like they really appreciate the music and if they like it they will show you. They are very passionate, and they always go out in huge numbers. Every single club night there is at least 2-3k people there. I mean Guy J and I did a show there last year which was just me three hours and him three hours and we got 10k people there. Yeah, it's one of the best places in the world to play for me. OTB: I think it sounds like I need to make a trip to Argentina. EK: For sure, for sure. Eelke Kleijn Interviewing Eelke Kleijn at ADE 2017    Photo Credit: Patrick Capperis OTB: Something not music-related, you post about all kinds of interesting things on your Facebook including articles about cryptocurrency. It seems to be an interest of yours. What piqued the interest? I'm curious. EK: That's funny that you mentioned that. The reason I post that is that it's something I'm busy with a lot and I invest a little bit in it as well. And in general I'm very interested in tech and technological advancements. And I post articles about that stuff sometimes just on one hand to see if any of my fans are also interested in this. On the other hand not only to post about music but to have some other things to talk about as well, to relate to people. But, it's definitely a big interest of mine so I'm always busy reading articles about it, looking for information and things. OTB: It's cool and it's becoming ever more present in the world around us. EK: Yeah, it is. Bitcoin just reached like what was it? $5600. It's getting ridiculous. OTB: There's actually a tech day at ADE this year. Headed to that tomorrow. Music and technology they go hand in hand. What do you see coming in the future of music, tech? How things are going to to continue to evolve? Maybe with AI, VR and that kind of stuff? EK: That's really interesting. I might if I have time have to check that out. I think both music and AI and blockchain and AI have a really big future. There's another Buma conference called Music in Motion which is more about music for sync and all those things. But, for two years in a row they've had a panel about music and blockchain and how it can change everything. Because as an artist if there was a blockchain where you could put rights and all those things in that would be really great to get paid and to make sure shares you know settle in the right way. So, that could definitely change. A lot of people don't realize yet but it's going to change so many things in the next 10 years or so. OTB: There's all this talk around streaming services. Are they bad? Are they good? What do you think the hardest part of that transition has been for you? EK: I think, not necessarily for me but in general for musicians, now that music isn't really selling on CD or vinyl anymore; 2o years ago you could just produce music and sell CDs and sell vinyl and you could actually make a living off of that. Now it's just changed. You you can still make money off of streaming and all those things but it's a lot less than it used to be. If you want to make a living out of it, you gotta look at other ways to make income as well. That's why so many producers are playing now. So, it hasn't really been a problem for me because I look at my music I release now almost more as a form of promotion. You make money doing gigs and other things. If it's only music that you are making your gonna have a problem unless you really know where to release it. OTB: Last one...favorite food? EK: Asian. Everything teriyaki.

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