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Behind The Beat: Claptone

Friday, November 11, 2016
Dawn Runge

Claptone runs in the face of the superstar DJ trend, maintaining anonymity. It is suspected that several persons make up Claptone, and that's actually pretty alright with us. No matter what, no matter where, no matter who, Claptone brings sophisticated tunes with a deep love behind them. Which is maybe why they didn't like me asking if they were Donald Trump. OTB: Claptone is known for being enigmatic, mysterious, alluring. What is the most mundane or un-sexy thing that Claptone does? Claptone: Giving interviews maybe... OTB: In a 2014 interview with Deep House Amsterdam, you spoke of a gig with these words: "It was literally big. Huge in fact." Is it possible that you are Donald Trump? Claptone: I feel sorry for you. OTB: Speaking of Donald Trump, what is your view of the state of the American presidential election? Do supernatural beings such as yourself participate in paltry human politics? Claptone: I not only feel sorry for you, but for the whole world. OTB: Your mixes and EPs all seem to have a sensual undercurrent, no matter how different the content. We also find that people desire the mysterious or things they can't have. How do you feel the Claptone look and sound complement each other? Claptone: Yes indeed. My taste manifests in sound, look, thought and love. OTB: You revel in anonymity, but on most of your dance floors, there are unmasked faces, giving rise to judgement and distraction. Have you ever done a set where the attendees were also able to be in mask? If not, how would you feel about it? Claptone: Halloween might be the day of the year for me. But seriously I just started my very own event series 'The Masquerade' for which I curate the music - set the tone - do decorations, invite masked performers and encourage people to come masked of course to create a space and time with me in which everyone can be equal, feel free and let themselves go. That might almost be political nowadays. OTB: Thanksgiving is coming up. What is Claptone thankful for? Claptone: I am thankful for everyone who spends time listening to my music. I am thankful for all the positive messages I receive from people. I am thankful that this planet still exists and hope it'll survive some more years though sometimes I feel it won't. But I force myself not to lose faith in mankind no matter how devastating the news. OTB: You released a compilation, The Masquerade, on Defected on October 28th. There is a day and night mix on the compilation. What musical elements separate the day vs. night "feel" for you? Claptone: The night mix is a party mix, a club mix blending classic to funky to tech house with lots of surprises like a Claptone DJ set, one for your perfect club night at home or in the car, for having friends over or making new friends, for getting intoxicated without necessarily getting intoxicated. The day mix is a bit deeper, bit more smooth, disco, funky. It's the ice cubes in your cocktail, a cool shower for hot hours on the beach, your cushion for a nice siesta, your key to a sexy flirt or just that sexy flirt itself. OTB: You're still heavily touring and releasing your weekly Clapcast podcast. What other projects do we have to look forward to from Claptone? [embed][/embed] Claptone: My 'The Masquerade Album Sampler' and the album itself is still all over the Beatport charts and if you ask me the 2CD is the perfect Christmas present. Especially in the U.S. I expect a lot more sales now after the presidential election as the album is much cheaper than any other anti-depressant. In 2017 it's back to original Claptone material starting with some brand new remixes of tracks from my 'Charmer' album to be followed by an all new single probably in late spring... Framework Presents Claptone at Sound Nightclub, 1642 N. Las Palmas, Los Angeles, CA 90028 Friday, November 11, 2016 from 10 P.M. to 4 A.M. With Support by Tom Breu and Lee Wells Tickets Here

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