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Behind the Beat: Cazzette

Thursday, March 31, 2016
Josh Habursky

In another Thursday night edition of dance music in the nation's capital, Only The Beat caught up with Alexander Björklund of Cazzette. He gave us a rundown of what he and Sebastian Furrer are working on just before his solo set at Soundcheck. Björklund kept the crowd's enthusiasm high during an eclectic set by playing soft, smooth music intertwined with hard, loud beats that had listeners forming small mosh pits. He talked everything from Cazzette's style shift to his favorite tracks of all-time in this exclusive interview. Only The Beat: You had a really big year in 2015 with the release of your Desserts EP not to mention your prior success with hits 'Beam Me Up' and 'Sleepless'. What are your personal milestones in your career so far? Alex Björklund: I would say there are two answers to this question if we go from the beginning on when we got started, 'Beam Me Up' was definitely a milestone because that was the track that put us on the market. It was a huge track for us. Then being on the road a lot is pretty crazy and we lost track of what we wanted to do a musicians and after being on the road for two years we decided to take a break and find ourselves again. That is when we decided to go in the Future House direction and created 'Sleepless' together with our dear friend Jonas. When this track came together everything changed for us and we saw our productions in a whole new way and we started producing music that we would listen to ourselves rather than trying to create the next big club track, which we were trying to do in the beginning of our careers.

Cazzette - Desserts EP

OTB: Whether it be producing or performing do you ever encounter creative differences? And how do you overcome them if they exist? AB: Creative differences are what gives us our end results. Seb has a way of looking at music and I have another way of looking at music. Sometimes they are aligned and sometimes they are different. The biggest issues are maybe fighting over an arrangement or a small section of the song. Usually we have the same picture of what the track is going to look like. OTB: Who would you say are the rising stars in music production right now? AB: Oliver Heldens is killing it right now with the Heldeep vibe and I am happy to see a nice guy succeed who is putting out real cool tracks. There are really so many people right doing great work. The OWSLA team. Personally, a good friend of mine, Morten a guy based out of LA is incredible and doing really well.  OTB: You guys were here in D.C. not too long ago with Oliver Heldens at Echostage last September. Are you excited to be back playing a set at an intimate club venue like Soundcheck? AB: D.C. is an amazing city and we have always had great sets in D.C.. Working with Echostage in general is amazing. I like intimate venues a lot and tonight is going to be great.  OTB: Having formed Cazzette in 2011, what have you learned so far from your experiences and how has your style changed over the years? AB: Like I said we had a moment where we reevaluated our style. This even carried over to our live sets where we really started playing music that we liked, not because the track had a certain name on it or a certain style. It has to be really good and that makes it more difficult for us when we find music to play.  OTB: I've spoken with other DJs and producers about the integration of live instruments during DJ sets in addition to other trends in dance music. Where do you think the industry is moving and what do you think the next big thing will be? AB: I don't think they way DJs perform is going to change that much. I think DJs are going to try and incorporate bigger productions and live stuff into their sets. I feel like people come to see the DJ perform their tracks and do it in a good way, I don't really know what the future will be. OTB: Name your top three dance music tracks of all time. AB: Very difficult question Axwell & Dirty South ft. Rudy- Open Your Heart and Daft Punk- Digital Love are high on my list. I can't really name a third track of all time, but one that I really like is Pleasurekraft & Format B- Coltrane. OTB: What can we expect from Cazzette this year? Any big shows, track releases or collaborations coming up? AB: We are really working on new music. We are going to put out a lot of new singles in 2016 and are really excited about this year.

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