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Behind The Beat: CANVAS

Sunday, January 24, 2016
Aaron Coombs

CANVAS is a Swedish duo who deliver a truly spine tingling, emotionally rich electronic sound, powered by strong rhythms and deep swelling synths. Following the success of their latest single "Another Time," the HMWL imprint has followed up with a stunning selection of three remixes, coming from the likes of CHIMES, Boeoes Kaelstigen's S. Jahn and Jamie De Von, each delivering their own unique twist on the production, ranging from club friendly bangers to a more ambient and captivating sound.

We caught up with CANVAS to jump further into their musical history, the story behind this release and also what is to come in the future...

OTB: So how did you two first come to make music together?

CANVAS: Music has always been a part of our family, especially for me and my brother, we’ve loved music from a very young age and ever since we’ve been trying to make our own stuff in lots of difference styles.

OTB: Have you always been into electronic music?

CANVAS: Yes! Electronic music was actually the first kind of music we tried to create with Dance Ejay (haha!) It was super fun and probably a significant part in why we have a big love for electronic music.

OTB: What did you find yourself listening to when you were kids?

CANVAS: Wow, the list could go on forever but we listened to everything we thought was great music but a big part of our childhood music was hip-hop and metal/hardcore!

OTB: Was there a pivotal point in your life when you knew that a career in music is what you wanted to strive towards?

CANVAS: Not really, it’s just always been there. Never really thought about that it might have been a moment in life that made us want to pursue a career in music!

OTB: This recent EP on With Love Recordings is solely remixes of your track ‘Another Time’. Where did the inspiration come from for this track and what does it represent?

CANVAS: Our music making has always been represented by the way we feel, so the inspiration at the time came from the emotional state I (Robin) was in. So whenever you hear a CANVAS tune you can tell how one, or both of us felt when the track was being made.

The track as a whole represents how much a single person can change your life for the better, it’s for everyone that’s been down feeling like nothing is worth it anymore, seeing the world in black and white and then suddenly that person enters your life and fills it with color.

OTB: How did you go about selecting who would be the remix artists?

CANVAS: Our label and management actually sourced them. They wanted to have a few different styles that felt different from the original, to bring CANVAS to a wider audience.

CANVAS - Another Time (Remixes)

OTB: Are you happy with the final mixes, and which is your favorite?

CANVAS: We are super happy with the results, all of the remix artists made an amazing job remixing this track, but our personal favorite has to be CHIMES remix!

OTB: How did your relationship begin with this label?

CANVAS: Well Andreas has been producing music under the name ’Andycap’ before we started CANVAS so they already knew each other, so when we started CANVAS we released some remixes like Shura - Touch and Seinabo Sey that got a lot of attention. After that we started talking to our bro & manager Paul Sonkamble and decided to go with With Love Recordings who are amazing people doin’ amazing stuff!

OTB: Can we expect to hear more from you on this label in the future?

CANVAS: You never know what the future holds in store but we will def do some more releases with this label, we already have more songs on the way and the rest you’ll have to wait and see!

OTB: What is the best and worst thing about working as a duo?

CANVAS: The best thing I’d say is being able to always have someone that gives you feedback and sees the tracks from another perspective and that both of us hears the track differently so we can add our own unique touch to every song that makes it a lot more interesting!

OTB: Finally where can we expect to see CANVAS in 2016?

CANVAS: World domination through love and music <3 <3 <3

The 'Another Time' remix EP is out now on With Love Recordings and available here.