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Behind The Beat | Bear Grillz talks Yosemite, New EP and Cats

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If you haven't seen this furry, brown son of a bitch gracing your social media pages yet, I suggest you take a listen to some of Bear Grillz's new music.  Bear Grillz, signed to Datsik's Firepower Records, is portrayed as a brown cartoon bear with a big gold chain and a giant joint sticking out his mouth, with his sidekick known as "The Duck" at his side. 576539_455543364554128_926201973_n There's little that we know about this project, but what we do know is that whoever is a part of this can make some incredible music...and is also hilarious. Anyone who can throw sass back to me in an interview gets points in my book. Rumors have of course pegged Datsik as being behind Bear Grillz due to the label association, but other names like Skrillex and Zomboy have been thrown around.  Perhaps it's even a duo behind this stoned and angry bear, but only time will tell. The Facebook page is hilarious, showcasing video webisodes like the one below (beware kids, they're not all SFW). Bear even takes screenshots of the "hater" Facebook comments and puts a big 1st place ribbon on them. Whoever this is blatantly doesn't give a shit about what other people think. The first EP, 'The High Grade', was released just three months ago and has been incredibly successful. Bear Grillz's newest EP, 'Now That's What I Call EDM' was released just this morning, and even the album cover is reminiscent of those ridiculous collection of Top 40 hits that we probably all own at least 5 CDs of.  But this isn't pop music people. This is trappy, Rastarafi-like GOLD. There's even been an awesome new remix of The Chainsmokers' #SELFIE.  It sure as hell has a Skrillex/Zomboy sound, so I'm curious to see who's actually behind the bear. Who knows, perhaps we've got a talented new producer on our hands? That said, I was able to have a quick interview with Bear Grillz, and that little furball had quite the set of interesting responses for me. OTB: We can't wait to see you live! Really excited for you to come to Seattle next month. Have you ever been here? BG: Thanks! I can't wait to get paid either. Last time I was in Seattle I got shot at by an overweight police officer who mistook me for a dangerous wild animal. What a prick. I was only trying to eat stray cats. What the fuck is it with humans and CATS? OTB: How did you meet The Duck? Are you guys best friends? Is he your ghost producer? BG: I met Duck years ago when I was tripping my face off from eating some rancid dead geese I found by the swamp. I swear he sat me down and whispered a load of weird shit in my ear about him being my spirit guide, but he's not spoken a word since. I've just grown to accept him to be honest. OTB: You definitely picked up producing quickly from those YouTube videos and that MacBook you found in the woods. What would you call your style? BG: Thank you! I consider myself a musical visionary, and I would go as far as to say my style is unlike anything else out there. OTB: Are you working with any other equipment? I can assume it's a struggle to find power sources out in Yosemite. BG: You would be AMAZED how many tourists carry laptops with them. I have most of my music stuff on an external hard drive so you're usually only a quick murder away from a few hours of battery life. OTB: That's cool that Firepower Records signed a bear. Who's your favorite artist on the label? BG: Me OTB: Tell us a little more about the "Now That's What I Call EDM" EP. When is it due out? BG: I would consider it my lifetime achievement so far. I was going to call it 'Greatest Hits' but I thought I'd save that for my forthcoming Christmas album. OTB: Did you have a teddy bear when you were little? BG: No, I was raised by mice whose only possessions were a collection of twigs and dead beetles. It's safe to say I had a shit childhood. OTB: What about bear hugs? Can I give you a bear hug when you come to Seattle to play? BG: I wouldn't recommend it, I have a tendency for getting a bit over excited and murdering people. It's one of my best features. OTB: If you could snack on any human celebrity, who would it be? (Sorry for all these attacking and eating questions, but hey, you're a bear and I'm kind of an asshole, so..) BG: I'd eat you, except you're not a celebrity. OTB: Want to hear a bear joke? What do you call a bear with no teeth? ...a gummy bear. BG: #eatsinterviewer