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The Beginning of (Phuture) House Music

Saturday, July 11, 2015
Dakota Orlando

Under the extremely befitting name Phuture, the first house music was produced. Originating in Chicago in the mid 1980's, three DJs by the names of , "Spanky", "Herb J" and "DJ Pierre" started "jacking" and emerged with a new sound formulated by a bass line generator. This sound would soon be known as Acid House, the first genre of EDM, and would change the music industry into what we know it as today. Using a machine called a Roland TB-303, these men discovered beats that would keep young men and women dancing all night. In an interview with Dj Pierre, he mentions that he came across these sounds accidentally. The bass line generator was actually meant to stimulate bass guitars. It wasn't until they released their first track Acid Trax, that rave culture began to evolve. Although it originated in Chicago, the scene only became big in Europe, especially London. It got so wild over there that the Queen herself had banned it.

"So you know how it is, if mainstream says 'no!' then the general youth consensus says 'yes!" - DJ Pierre

Fast forward. It wasn't until several years later that the rave scene hit the United States. One of our rave 'forefathers' is considered to be DJ Scotto who hosted the first rave at Studio 54, aiming to emulate the raves that generated a craze over seas. ci-la-rave So where did PLUR come from? A man names Frankie Bones is rumored to be the originator of the popular term. During one of his many famous raves in Brooklyn, he ironically yelled into a microphone while a fight broke out, "If you don't start showing some peace, love and unity, I'll break your faces." Watch: Your Story Video: DJ Frankie Bones explains PLUR It's insane to see how far electronic music has come in such a short span of time. In only a little over two decades EDM now encompasses several sub genres and attracts hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Today even our parents know who Diplo is as the culture is approaching mainstream. With all of the different sounds out there now, we rarely think about where it all started. Where will EDM go next? Only the Phuture will tell.

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