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How to Become the Master of the Aux Cord

Tuesday, December 01, 2015
Dakota Orlando

No matter the occasion, whether in the back of the Uber, or at your friend's pregame, a soundtrack is always necessary. Almost as important and competitive as screaming "SHOTGUN" at the sight of a car, is the privilege of playing your music via an aux cord or Bluetooth for the whole squad to enjoy. When you manage to convince your friends that you've got some sick beats that will match the vibe, not only is the pressure on, but you have to deliver. While requests will be taken, not all will be played, because after all, this is your time to shine, amiright? aux Seeing a DJ live for the first time is a huge deciding factor as to if you will ever want to see one of their sets again. The same thing goes when you are given the aux cord. You want to keep the crowd bumping and anticipating whats next. Amongst my friends, I am most commonly the bearer of the auxiliary cord on a Saturday night. Why? Because I consistently build upon my collection of tracks throughout the week, for myself, and so that I am always ready to deliver the nest best thing. Here is how I keep up with the hottest new tracks, and build a dope playlist, without taking any time out of my day:

Always Listen

As a busy college student, intern, and employee, I can barely find enough time in my day to eat a full meal.  But that doesn't mean that my time for music has to be compromised. On your way to class, on the train to work, in the shower, and while you study, you should plug in your headphones and turn up the volume. First things first, you need to find your favorite music platform. I predominantly use Soundcloud, but whatever tickles your fancy should work fine. Stick with the platform you love, and build your music collection there. This way, you won't have to toggle between apps to find that one remix you obsessed over a few weeks ago. What's great about Soundcloud is that it allows you to follow the artists you already know and love, and by doing so discover new music. On your feed you will find music that your favorite shared from their favorite artists. This is a quick way to listen to artists you would have never come across through a google search. Another great way to discover unknown music is by listening to a track you love, and seeing where the app takes you next. You never know what is going to play next, let it fade into the background until something catches your ear. Worst case scenario is that you really aren't feeling it, and you can simply swipe left. Integrate music into the background of your everyday life. Since you are aiming to discover new music, the lyrics won't distract you from everyday activities, because you've never heard them before. When a sound you love comes along, it'll grab your attention and you can then add it to one of your playlists for later.

Create Multiple Playlists

Because no two occasions are alike, I highly recommend that you make a small handful of playlists. One for a more chill vibe, one for the nights that call for a rager, and maybe one that features really unique sounds. The choice is yours, but what's important is that you have control over what kind of song is going to come next. You may have a playlist of your favorite songs, but leaving the aux cord unattended could be dangerous. A quick transition from Excision to Above & Beyond, will surely lose the trust of your listeners.

Train Your Ear

By taking the advice I have listed above, you will naturally begin to train your ear to take note of sounds that get your blood pumping. When you are at a restaurant, a club, your friend's party, or a tailgate, take note of the music they've got going. If you can, ask a person to tell you the name and artist behind a cool track. If that's not an option, use Siri to tell you what's playing. Write down what it is called, and take your time to search it up the next day. If you're still into it, you can add it to one of your playlists and share it with your friends later on. Even better if they were at the club with you that night, you can all relive the memory. By broadening your musical horizons, not only will you be master of the aux cord, but you will color your life with a world of endless music that you may not have even known existed. You may even find your new favorite genre!