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Astronaut - Pinball (Bear Grillz Remix)

Friday, September 19, 2014
Chelsey Mora

Bear Grillz' new remix of Astronaut's track "Pinball" has me feeling some type of way. From the moment I pressed play, the reversed pitched up vocals dragged me in, and the raver girl inside of me couldn't help but start having a moment. I will admit, this new remix does sound like the typical rinse of "Terror Squad" that we have been hearing since the infamous Zomboy vs. Skrillex encounter a few months back,  but hey, this formula is pretty perfect. The catchy 303's and clean synths Bear Grillz uses don't make for a bad rendition either. This furry bear is well-known for his clean production skills, and has the ability to jump between different genres without much hesitation. If you try to tell me that when you hear any version of "Terror Squad" when you're at an event, and you're not dancing, you are a LIAR!

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