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Adventure Club Will Never 'Fade' in New Single

Monday, October 06, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Adventure Club, the duo out of Montreal, Canada, is back to their old sound with new single, ‘Fade.’ After they joined up with Krewella to make ‘Rise and Fall,’ and their remix of ‘Lullabies’ being featured in Ultra’s 2013 “Forever In My Mind” video, Adventure Club has been on tour nonstop. Just like with most artists that tour so much, their sound changes to accommodate the tour setting. When their popular single ‘Wonder’ was released with Kite String Tangle, many new fans started listening to the duo while some wondered where their original sound went. I have to say that I was the one wondering. Back in 2010, I was introduced to them through their dubstep remixes of ‘Daisy’ and ‘Crave You.’ The beautiful lyrics meshed perfectly with the punishing bass. The drops were brilliantly made for light shows to rule the dance floor. The combination of quick electronic notes brought everybody to their knees as they cried out “We’re not worthy!”

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‘Fade’ combines the best of both worlds, as the lyrics remind you of the emotion that ‘Lullabies’ created when the drop comes in and takes you into space. This sound is what I have been missing. The emotion these two put into this original reminds me of the early tunes that I listened to so much. The second drop sends you even higher as they insert high-pitched electronic sounds over the already amazing melody. I’ve already listened to this song about 10 times and it gets better every time. Although the song isn’t available for free download, this tune is definitely worth the $1.29 to purchase it from iTunes. This duo deserves the purchase and solidifies themselves as a fearsome duo in the EDM genre. Check them out live as I have heard that they put on amazing live sets. Listen to the tune, twice even, it is definitely worth it. Enjoy!

Adventure Club feat. Zak Waters - Fade