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7 Types Of People You'll See at Seattle's NYE Resolution 2015

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Angelica Dietzel

It's that time of year again, Seattle's infamous New Year's Eve show Resolution 2015 is finally among us and I've prepared you for what types of people you may see or experience while the clock counts down. tumblr_mveg6jTJdG1r4q586o1_500 New Year's Eve is always a magical night, the last night before the new year begins, which is always spent with your loved ones. For the past few years I've attended Resolution on New Year's Eve and I have definitely encountered a range of different characters throughout my experiences. Here is a list of the types of people I've encountered and ones you might just see at Resolution 2015 or any other New Year's event this year.

1) The One-Too-Many

174vomiting We all have that one friend or know that one person that wants to go out with a bang. Maybe the recently single or the 'always single' type of person, nothing will stop them from having the time of their lives on the last day of the year. They usually don't have to worry about a midnight kiss or significant other. You'll probably hear these people in the stall next to you in the bathroom puking from one too many drinks.

2) The Over Protective Boyfriend or Girlfriend

e1e755eb14d5cb53db5d115f07dd80c754ff2723fec256be2c7b0b2dcca1764f One wrong glance and all hell could break loose. Make sure you aren't even trying to swoop up someone that's already taken. On the offchance you are,  you won't even get that far because the over protective boyfriend or girlfriend, or even someone that has already found 'the one' for their midnight kiss, is attached at their hip.

3) The Lingerer

giphy Have you ever danced and every time you looked over your shoulder the same person was there. Every. Single. Time. Just waiting for you to really notice them and maybe show them a little attention so they can hit you with the one liners.. Well this guy or girl will linger around you in hopes that you just might be their midnight kiss, or maybe your last minute midnight kiss. Good luck to all the lingerers out there. I would hate to ring in the new year getting shut down.

4) The Jesus

tumblr_md1y2b4EJe1qzlj66o1_500 With the theme usually being white and gold we tend to see a lot of Jesus costumes. Probably some of the happiest people at the show. It's always funny to see these guys hanging around as you stir up your own little bit of trouble on New Years.

5) The Angels

tumblr_lxma4l6TXu1qjkwd8o1_1280 And what's having a Jesus around without angels. These outfits go perfect together, maybe you'll see these new years outfits together as a couple. Perfect for the white and gold theme of New Years. I'm sure most people won't mind having these angels watching over them.

6) The Parents

resolution In Seattle, Resolution is one of the largest and arguably the most fun New Year's Eve events in the city. Even some of the grown ups are looking to have a good time. They seem to come out more on New Year's Eve night than any other show during the year. Who's to blame them, it's a night filled with thousands of dancing beautiful people, they definitely picked the right place.

7) Dressed to the Nines

tumblr_mkprbpKVVr1r9mbkzo1_500 Last but not least, there are always those gals and lads that dress to the nines. Tuxedos, ball gowns, heels, dressing to impress. They take the new year seriously, even at a rave. Hard to let loose for a night in those bad boys, but at least they look good right? They probably spend most of their time standing in the bar, watching everyone go crazy.  

Identify with any of these people at Resolution? We know we do. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, you're in luck! We've giving away one set of VIP and one set of GA tickets, and you can enter HERE.


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