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5 Sets You Can't Miss At Paradiso 2016 - Part II (featuring Prairie Diso!)

We're back with five more "can't miss" Paradiso sets, this time from Matt Jager, Chris MichelottiAlex Cornelison, Henry Brown, and wonderfully squeaky Prairie Diso! Send us a message with the five sets you’ll definitely be at and a sentence or two on why for each and we might include you in a future post!


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Prairie Diso (SOUTH PRAIRIE, WA) Translated to English by Prairie Diso’s handler Follow Prairie Diso on Facebook Follow Prairie Diso on Twitter: @prairiediso

  1. Dillon Francis

 - Dillon Francis’ music is always bumping in our underground den clubs and the pups never can keep their rumps from shaking. He also has a hilarious sense of humor and this entertainment factor is huge in his shows. His personality and visuals will make you squeak with laughter.
  2. Gorgon City - Gorgon City will bring a groovy and soulful touch to a set that will range from house music to chunky tech house. Squeak. This will be a performance filled with vocal tunes that will keep your paws in the air as you yip for joy.
  3. Madeon - Madeon brings a decidedly French touch to melody writing with chords that will make your fur stand on end and catchy lead lines that you’ll find yourself humming days later when you’re at home recovering in your den.
  4. Illenium - Illenium is one of the very fresh names on the lineup but the way he handled melodic elements early on reminded me a little of Seven Lions when he was only a pup. Illenium has evolved from that style into his own over the past year, but the spirit behind it all is still there. This set will no doubt be stacked with explosive and emotional music from start to finish. Squeak.
  5. Destructo - The brilliant mind behind the HARD Squeaker Music Festival is an act the prairie pack definitely can’t miss. He’s going to lay down a prime selection of LA-influenced tunes with enough bass that your whiskers will be tingling long after the set is through.


Matt Jager (Seattle, Washington) Graphic Designer, Writer for Only The Beat

  1. Alison Wonderland - Easily my most anticipated set of Paradiso 2016. From her productions to live sets, Alison Wonderland is quickly gaining the attention she deserves, and having her grace the stages of Paradiso is somewhat of a dream come true.
  2. Caspa b2b Rusko - Two legends uniting to bring dirty dubstep to your ears…what could be better?! Expect these two to throw down unlike anything you have ever seen. I could not be more excited to be immersed in the dubstep days of old once again. This will be something special.
  3. Excision - Excision might roll through the PNW often, but nothing quite compares to Excision taking over the main stage of Paradiso and unleashing his signature take no prisoner style of bass music. There is just something about giving that man such a large stage and so many speakers which always makes his Paradiso sets so perfect.
  4. Matrix & Futurebound - DnB DnB DnB DnB DnB DnB…yeah I’m biased, so what? Matrix & Futurebound are seriously talented and I have been dying to see them for some time now. For those who love some good drum and bass, you would be a fool to miss out on this set.
  5. RL Grime - Besides the fact that hearing Aurora while overlooking such a scenic venue is going to be something out of this world, RL Grime’s signature style of trap has been missed in the PNW for some time now, and getting such an iconic producer back for such an iconic festival is a perfect pairing. Last time he was here, he blew everyone’s mind; expect more of that, but on a much bigger scale.

Chris Michelotti (Seattle, Washington)

  1. What So Not -  One of my favorite sets of Diso 2014. It was my first rave and the moment it started to rain when Touched came on... I knew I found my home.
  2. RL Grime - Been excited to see him since the first time I heard RL Stine introduce his Halloween mixes. He is quintessential bass.
  3. Cazzette - These guys will bring you bliss, I promise. Every time I listen to these guys I feel like I am floating.
  4. Timmy Trumpet - I love to bounce and this will be my bounce show for sure. When he brings out his trumpet I will lose my mind.
  5. Madeon - I have been listening to this guy for years and he was one of the artists in my soundtrack to moving to the PNW. His music is on point every time, and motivates me to go after my goals. Just listen to his song Finale, and you will know.

Alex Cornelison (Seattle, Washington)

  1. Bassnectar - BASS GOD. I don’t think I really need to say more, but I will. Seeing him for the first time at 2014 Paradiso with his new visuals and his filthy beats and bass was the best moment of Diso 2014.
  2. RL Grime - I had the pleasure of seeing him at the Showbox when he was in town for my birthday (on my birthday) and got to meet him. He was such a genuine guy and his music has so much depth which I just cannot miss
  3. Alison Wonderland - First off, she is BAE. Second off, she is BAE. I cannot wait to get down and dirty to her dynamic set
  4. Caspa B2b Rusko - They finally answered all our prayers. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. This will be a B2b set no one will want to miss. Because this + bass stage + friends + the Gorge will be something to go down in history.
  5. Excision - (Can you tell I’m a bass head?) All I want is a repeat of last year. His visuals starting out with error messages followed by Lazer cat followed by Catzilla and oh my god. I twinged my neck at his set due to the headbanging.

Henry Brown (Sandy, Oregon)

  1. Illenium - Listening to Illenium is like an emotional roller coaster. His music is so uplifting and beautiful and if you haven't had the chance to see him yet, you definitely don't wanna miss it. Just remember to bring a box of tissues.
  2. Excision - If you love heavy music and gut punching bass, look no further. Excision will blow your mind with his amazing bass and signature wubs and dubs with an incredible digital show. You definitely wanna catch his set, just don't forget some early plugs though though
  3. Deorro - Though I haven't seen him yet, everyone tells me he's a must see. If you love to jump, bounce, and dance till you can't anymore, then don't miss Deorro. I know I'll be at his set the whole time.
  4. Bear Grillz - I can never get enough twiney dubstep and Bear Grillz delivers. I've seen him once with Excision and I was more excited for him. And how could you not love that bear suit he has!!!
  5. Timmy Trumpet - All the way from Australia, he brings such a good Melbourne bounce set that you won't wanna miss. I saw him b2b2b with Joel Fletcher and Will Sparks and my mind was blown! And he really plays the trumpet!!!

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