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Insomniac hosted their 5th annual Halloween event several weekends ago, and they have killed it yet again! With that being said, if you weren't at Escape: Psycho Circus for Halloween, you were definitely missing out. Check out my top five reasons why you should've spent your Halloween weekend with Insomniac.


1. Don't expect artists to play their routine sets! 

I was insanely impressed by all of the artists I saw this year at Escape. While I am a babe who usually sticks to the Chopping Block which offers bass driven madness and The Cannibal's Tea Party which provides the darkest techno vibes, I found myself staying for a lot of the artists at the main stage, The Slaughterhouse, especially on Day 2. Artists like Seven Lions and Porter Robinson seriously made me change my perspectives on them with their sets. I would expect Seven Lions to drop some dirty bass music, but Porter Robinson?! Am I missing something?! At one point during his set I even tried to walk away to see another artist, but he kept laying down track after track of pure genius and I found myself walking back to his set for more. Respect Man. Back to Seven Lions though, damn, he played a variety of good music from dubstep to psytrance. I had no idea he mixed so many genres into his sets! Besides mixing things up, new and old artists took the stage and performed amazing original sets as well! One artist who I was stoked to see play this weekend was Dr. Fresch. I remember watching him perform back in 2013 at Insomniac's event Nocturnal at the Discovery Project stage and thinking how/why this guy wasn't performing at one of the big stages yet! There was a handful of people watching him back in 2013, but this year he packed the Chopping Block! I highly recommend checking this guy out if you get the chance, as he provides a constant stream of music you can't help but dance to. It's deep, it's bass-y, it's G-House, it's amazing. As always, Moby is hands down one of best artists and DJs out there, his mixing is flawless as his tracks transition into one another perfectly, almost as if you are grooving to one song. Get Real, which is made up of Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet were also another must-see, especially for all of you who enjoy some dark techno that makes you get low low low. FuntCase, Excision and Flux Pavilion also provided the weekend with the dark and scary dubstep that I truly do love. I always recommend checking out these artists if you want a serious bass experience.

2.  The crowd this year was unbelievably dope af._h-EuhO1sGUinvZ0anTfV80MaHzz5AULSDK4xcp2QtM

I will admit this...I am not always the fondest of some of the crowds that attend music festivals nowadays, but...literally every person I met at this past event was so cool. All good vibes around, which is #rare to find sometimes. Everyone had on Halloween costumes, and they were so creative this year. There's of course the typical "Sailor Moon" or "Black Cat", but seeing zombie versions of these costumes was pretty tight.

unnamed3. If you have the extra money for VIP...DO IT!  

So I understand #3 might not apply for everyone, but if you DO have the extra money to splurge on VIP and you're 21+, then I highly recommend it! The lounge they set up this year was to-die-for, and filled with the best and spookiest decorations. Also, the no lines at the bar, clean bathrooms, photo booths and VIP areas for the stages was a MAJOR plus too. It may seem expensive, but you really do get a whole other experience while you're there versus only being in GA.

4.  The performers, art installations and decorations are mind blowing. 

DeWx5yBfknIW1YkidM89aqVBk_NxlymDAYjVLaiUD4wAs I mentioned in #3, the decorations in the lounge were on fleek, but Insomniac really went all out with the Halloween decorations as they do every year...this year seemed to top every other previous year though. They had interactive art installations such as Fuego Arbori, a metal tree structure with 6 mechanically operated flame effects. You and your friends could pull on the structure's strings and fire would shoot out! The costumed performers were very interactive and friendly this year, still scary, but scary friendly ya know?

5. Even if you're just chillin at the bar, the music is still awesome! 

O1sdP2crziCg591LbpwGrzUfj4Jo9iDxoWa_Kzm2O18,Doh7uy0iNWbq8Q4efkLKVrlYsI2VSh75iO0TW1F_JhoPlaces away from the stage such as The Abbey Bar were awesome spots to just chill, talk and dance at. Along with providing delicious eats and craft drinks, they also provided some great music. Cats & Boots Records were dropping some serious funky beats on the crowd both nights of the festival.   All in all, Escape: Psycho Circus was a haunting good time. This is my go-to event, and it has been for about the last 4-5 years. The music is great & the people are great, what else could you want? One last note about the festival was the amazing Uber service they provided throughout the weekend. Insomniac teamed up with Uber and made it so easy to call a car and get home safely, without the struggle of wandering around trying to find your driver, or frantically pressing ENTER on your phone as you try to beat everyone trying to request a car. Props.