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5 Reasons Why Seattle's Decibel Festival is One of Our Favorites

Sunday, August 30, 2015

As the summer winds down and the dark clouds start to dot Seattle's beautiful blue sky, it sometimes feels like the party's over. We put the sandals away and start pulling sweaters out of boxes, inevitably preparing for the grey winter to make its return. But for this city's electronic music fans, there's a light at the end of that somewhat rainy tunnel: the end of summer means the beginning of Decibel Festival, Seattle's largest electronic music festival. The amount of showcases and attendance has grown incredibly since the first dB Fest 12 years ago, but the goal remains the same - to provide people with some damn good music. Seattle's local music scene boasts some of the most talented DJs, and some of the best venues to bring in even more talent from outside the Northwest. It always feels crazy to say it, but I can't wait for summer to end so Decibel Festival starts. Thinking about attending? Check out our top 5 reasons to head to this year's Decibel Festival.

1) The Lineup

With names like Bonobo, Anna Lunoe, Julio Bashmore, Shiba San, M.A.N.D.Y, Stwo and many more, you've already got my attention. There's a little bit of (almost) everything at Decibel Festival, from every type of house music you could wish for, to techno, to experimental IDM to hip-hop influenced jams and live instrumental performances. You won't find any big room house here though, oh no. And the amount of talented locals on this lineup? Stacked. Some of the most influential locals will be spinning great sets, including Sean Majors and Brian Lyons, so don't miss out on them just to head to the big names. decibelfestival

2) Flexibility

Digging some of the showcases, but some you could do without? The thing I love most about Decibel is that there are options to buy tickets to go to all of the shows, or head to a showcase individually. This festival benefits off of its full week time frame and multiple venues, and so do you. Feeling like you'll be going to see a lot of artists? I recommend the full festival pass. At $250 for over 25 showcases including boat parties and after hours, it's totally worth it.

3) Underground Artists

I feel like I've got my ear to the ground pretty frequently for new artists, but I have to say that there's a ton of people I've never heard of on this year's lineup, and that's awesome. A few weeks before Decibel each year, I take the time to sit down and go through the showcases and listen to some tracks from artists I don't know. It's led to some great discovery and to some of my favorite experiences at Decibel showcases to date. If you have a full festival pass, definitely take the time to find new jams. And don't forget, you can always show hop between venues in the same night! [caption id="attachment_35022" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Q nightclub Q Nightclub is also one of my top venue choices![/caption]

4) Good Vibes

The techno and house music community really is a great group of people here in Seattle. We're a family - house is a religion to us, and you bet that we go to church every week. There are definitely people out at Decibel events who truly are themselves, and they definitely go against the status quo. Come as you are; we're stoked to have you here grooving with us.

5) The Staff

To pull off a festival of this caliber means that you need to have friends in the right places here in Seattle, an insanely hard work ethic and be well respected among the electronic music community here in Seattle. Decibel founder Sean Horton has put his heart and soul into this yearly event, and it shows. Horton and his staff have grown one weekend into a jam packed, strong headliner festival year after year, gaining venues like the EMP Museum's mind blowing Sky Church. From Horton, to artist managers, to techs to the marketing team, we owe them all a round of applause for making this the best damn weekend of the year in Seattle. You want to go now, don't you? Yes you do. Find info on tickets here, and keep an eye out for our coverage of some of the Decibel showcases coming soon!