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5 Reasons You Need to See Arty on Groove Cruise Miami

Russian-born producer Artyom Stolyarov, better known as Arty, has seen massive success as a 24-year-old artist. Bursting onto the scene as a member of the revered Anjunabeats label, his first release on the label, “Rush,” was met with massive critical and commercial acclaim, and his collaboration with Mat Zo, “Rebound,” was one of the most played tracks at festivals around the world. This Insomniac Records signee has mastered his style of progressive house, setting himself apart by putting an emphasis on melody and emotion, rather than the big bass drops and kicks that have come to characterize a portion of dance music today. The talented young musician will be embarking on Groove Cruise Miami from January 28 - February 1 as a headliner, alongside dance music veterans Thomas Gold, ATB, New World Punx, Erick Morillo, and a boatload of other great musical talent. For those that still need convincing, here are 5 reasons why you need to see Arty on Groove Cruise Miami. 1. His Debut Artist Album Is Slated to be Released in 2015 Originally scheduled to be released in late 2014, Arty’s debut artist album had its release date pushed back, and now it will see the light of day in 2015. The album will serve as an avenue for the talented producer to show off his skills as both a producer and a songwriter in a way that no other EP or remix has allowed. It is not only his first ever full length album, but it is also Arty’s first foray into songwriting. According to Arty, an artist album should be more than a patchwork collection of tracks, rather it should be special and intimate, and should tell a story - as he believes his debut album accomplishes. Though only one track from the yet-to-be-named album has been released, Arty has promised that the album will be a stylistic amalgamation of soul, instrumental progressive house, and groovy French house. The first single, “Up All Night,” was an upbeat, melody-driven progressive house track with beautiful vocals and a catchy hook, created by pairing personal lyrics with emphatic melodies that allowed Arty to explore new sonic territories. Even though no other tracks have been previewed off the album, Groove Cruise Miami will serve as a special opportunity to see Arty play out select cuts from his album, months before the rest of the world. 2. He’s Touring Sparingly While in the Studio Arty fans may have started to notice that their chances to catch the progressive house maestro slowly start to dwindle, as he has spent more time focusing on his album. Groove Cruise Miami serves as one of the few opportunities to catch Arty live in the first quarter of 2015 since he only has six total live appearances in North America scheduled during the first four months of the year. Aside from his headlining performance on the Groove Cruise, he will be appearing in Las Vegas three times, Cleveland once, and Austin once - a very light tour schedule compared to other superstar DJs in high demand. 3. Hear His Hit Remixes Live Even though he is only 24-years-old, Arty has a discography that rivals that of any other big name DJ, full of massive hit originals and remixes alike. Despite his album still being in progress, the talented musician hasn’t stopped working on hit remixes of his favorite tracks, his latest being an uplifting re-imagination of OneRepublic’s “I Lived.” Within the last year, Arty has also remixed Porter Robinson’s huge hit “Lionhearted” as well as London Grammar’s track, “Hey Now.” Each of these remixes shined a light on a different aspect of Arty’s production ability. His “Lionhearted” remix kept the organic nature and structure of Robinson’s track and only altered the melody to create an orchestral, ethereal track, while his London Grammar remix showcased a darker side of Arty characterized by a deep groove. Arty is known to play out his remixes live, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to hear these awesome remixes. 4. His Sets Are Always Exciting and Unpredictable The mark of a great DJ is the ability to spin an unpredictable set, pulling from all genres of music and bringing them together to create an audial journey for the audience. Although Arty likes to include his biggest records in his sets, he also makes a conscious effort to keep his sets diverse and evolving. A look at his last two live sets solidifies Arty’s status as a worldwide tastemaker DJ. Though he is primarily known for his upbeat progressive house, a glance through his last set at Creamfields in Argentina shows his willingness to break through traditional boundaries and his penchant for mixing in other genres. Mixing together tracks like Pryda’s “Allein” with MAKJ’s “Go” only serves to further reinforce Arty’s legacy as one of the most creative DJs in dance music today. 5. Because You’ll Never Know When You’ll Be Able to See Him on a Cruise Ship Again One cannot overstate the impact that the crowd, the vibe, and the atmosphere has on how a DJ’s set is perceived, and what better atmosphere than on a cruise ship? Arty is slated to play the Theatre stage on Groove Cruise Miami on February 1st, the last night of the four day sea excursion. Armed with his uplifting, melodic style and a boatload of new material, there might not be a better all-around location to catch Arty than on Groove Cruise Miami - and you don’t want to miss it. 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