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5 Freaknight Sets You Can't Miss (OTB Staff)

Monday, October 05, 2015
Erik Skoog

Just like we did this summer for Paradiso, we're putting together our can't miss sets for Freaknight. The key to a sucessful festival is to pick just five sets that you'll absolutely see, and let the rest of the experience unfold around you. Here are suggestions from some of the staff at Only The Beat (we obviously have some favorites). If you need some inspiration, be sure to check out our Freaknight playlist at the bottom of this post. We want to hear from you too! Send us a message with the five sets you'll be at no matter what and a sentence or two on why for each and we might include you in a future post!

Send your set suggestions in an email to or leave them in the comments below.



Connor Holden (Seattle, Washington) - Writer for Only The Beat

  1. Skism b2b Laxx – I have seen them both separately and was blown away by their DJing skills. Not to mention they are some of my favorite bass producers out there right now.
  2. Nero – The last time I saw Nero was when it was 108 degrees at Identity Festival at The Gorge 4 years ago, but they were the ones that stuck out in my mind the most. I can’t wait to see what they will do in a few weeks!
  3. Troyboi – Troyboi has been one of those guys who has been deserving this fame for a LONG TIME. He’s been putting out incredible and unique music for a while and is finally starting to get the credit he’s deserved. Finally on his first US tour (after being delayed by a passport issue), so I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.
  4. Mat Zo – Yes, although he has had his fair sure of hate from other artists and fans in the electronic music scene, he still manages to be on of the most diverse and independent producers out there. Only seen him once before, but his musical range is something that’s pretty rare to find in the scene right now.
  5. deadmau5 – I know, I know. But I have never seen him before and feel like he just one of those guys you have to see live to truly appreciate.



Matt Jager (Seattle, Washington) - Contributing Writer for Only The Beat

  1. Deadmau5 - It might be an obvious “can’t miss,” but Deadmau5 is a powerhouse of talent both as a producer and as a live act. He is one of the most technical DJs you will ever see and should not be missed by anyone who values true innovation in their music.
  2. Nero - Live vocals, heavy beats, incredible stage presence, and emotionally charged tracks are what await those who catch Nero at Freaknight. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to see one of their final NA tour stops fresh off the release of their new album. I can’t not wait to hear all of their new music and some of their old this Halloween.
  3. Troyboi - Troyboi has been on fire recently with his music releases. Each track is chock full of deep dark bass lines, trap beats, and gritty vocals that evoke a feeling of wanting to make out in the back of a dark club. If you need to get a little dirty at Freaknight, Troyboi is a must see.
  4. Mat Zo - I have seen Mat Zo a few times now, and he is one of the few artists who always surprises me. You really never quite know what Zo will include in his set, but spoilers, it’s going to be incredible. A mix of house, trance, and bass gives Mat Zo sets a really special and unique quality to them.
  5. Sub Focus - DnB legend Sub Focus is making his return to the PNW, and that should have everyone excited. His last album, Torus, was a work of art and you can really see the talent Sub Focus has in his live sets when he pairs slick drum and bass with such energy that it is impossible to resist dancing the night away.



Erik Skoog (Seattle, Washington) - Video Producer/Writer for only The Beat

  1. Nero - Freaknight 2015 seems to be a bit of reunion of all these artists I saw back in the day (you know...all the way back in 2013). Adventure Club, tyDi, Nicky Romero...the first and only experience with Nero so far was in Las Vegas over two years ago. Sort of like the first time I saw Armin, I wasn't really aware of what I was watching and couldn't appreciate it on the level that they deserved. If you haven't heard their essential mix that came out earlier this year, stop what you're doing immediately to find a good pair of headphones.
  2. Simon Patterson - Another one of the very first artists I ever saw live, back when Foundation was breaking ground for dance music in downtown Seattle. Psytrance makes me feel super old school and grimey.
  3. Mat Zo - Mat Zo does pretty much what Mat Zo wants. Even if you've seen him ten times before, you never know what to expect. His set from ABGT 100 is basically flawless and I've listed to the last 20 minutes of it more times than I can count. Maybe if everybody tweets at him he'll play that Duck Sauce/TJR mashup.
  4. Kölsch -  Another essential mix that should be required listening. I hadn't heard of him until Above & Beyond played his remix of Eric Prydz's "Generate," which I might like even more than the original. And that's saying something. 
  5. Deadmau5 - I mean...obviously, right? Sounds like the whole crew is kicking it during this set.